The mission

Simple - Help diverse groups of people know more about themselves and those around them by providing tools and resources to be more authentic, vulnerable, and relational.

About us

If you knew their story, you would cry, laugh, gasp, and marvel at the twists and turns of this once-in-a-lifetime relationship. We hope that their story not only inspires you, but moves you to look at people, relationships, and your work with a fresh perspective.


Derrin, a passionate visionary leader. Kala, the steady voice of discernment and integration. This husband and wife team are complements of each other, possessing unique skill sets that can benefit any organization. Together, they make up the team of Know More, LLC.

Know More, LLC is a training consultancy that specializes in fostering an environment for lifelong learning by providing educational experiences that help individuals, teams, and organizations think outside the box to solve their most complex problems.


Our team of training professionals and consultants offers more than a checkbox approach to training and leadership - we provide guidance, support, and accountability to move you from apathy to action. 

Our lived experiences inform our work and guide us in helping others see beyond themselves to impact others in unprecedented ways. 

Our Mission.

Our team


Derrin SLack

Managing Partner

While on a college mission trip to Botswana, Africa, Derrin, experienced the power of giving back to others and wondered how his life would have been different had he been exposed to service at a younger age. This led to the founding of ProAct Indy in 2010. For the past decade, Derrin has proven to be a results-driven leader who takes a hands-on approach to any work in which he becomes involved. Derrin is an award-winning community leader with a strong background in nonprofit management and research, training, and leadership. He acts as the conduit between the needs of the community, and the individuals, partners, sponsors, and students who seek to better understand themselves and others. Through many training workshops and community projects, Derrin has led teams to engage over 25,000 boys and girls, community leaders, and business professionals to value intentional community engagement and appreciate diversity and equity as an integral part of their lives. He has trained all over Indianapolis and in such countries as Ireland, Ethiopia, Mali, Mexico, and the UK; and in many cities in the United States. He brings his eclectic and well-rounded experience to Know More LLC to impact diverse groups of people in more meaningful ways than before.

Contact: | 317.457.6799 (mobile)


  • Training facilitation

  • Nonprofit management

  • Program development

  • Thought leadership

  • Speaking

  • Executive mentoring

  • Instructional design

  • Strategic planning

Certifications & recognitions:

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  • iTunes

Kala Slack

Managing Partner

Kala is passionate about shining a light on the dark areas of people's lives. She possesses a gift for helping people become their true, authentic selves while building rapport with everyone she meets. She is a multi-faceted, efficient, and reliable administrative and training development professional with 10+ years of experience supporting end-users, business employees, and managers to improve internal operations for training and development. Kala is known to make one comfortable with the uncomfortable and her experience as a consistent force for good, informs a track record of personal success and making the people around her wildly successful. She is a maximizer in every sense of the word. Kala possesses a diversified skill set covering administrative support, client relations, writing, presenting, and training development and execution. She has excellent interpersonal, phone, and digital communication skills which helps each of our clients win with her people-centered approach to her work.

Contact: | 317.403.1154 (mobile)


  • Event planning

  • Management

  • Program development

  • Coaching

  • Thought leadership

  • Project management

  • Process improvement

  • Mentorship

Certifications & recognitions:

  • B.A. Medicine, Health & Society, Vanderbilt University

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